Walking the red carpet towards animal-free human safety testing

SEURAT-1 in motion: Project film now online!

The achievements of the SEURAT-1 research initiative have been highlighted in a video produced by the COACH project. The film is 25 minutes long and provides a detailed overview of the progress SEURAT-1 has made towards assessing the safety of chemicals for human exposure without the need for animal testing.

The film showcases the impact of the six SEURAT-1 research projects (DETECTIVE, SCR&Tox, NOTOX, HeMiBio, COSMOS and ToxBank) together with the coordination action COACH. In all the SEURAT-1 programme had 70 partners from across the globe and represented the first steps towards developing animal-free methods for better human safety assessment.

The SEURAT-1 film is available to view at both SEURAT website and on YouTube.