Though NOTOX has finished, this is not the end of their quest to eliminate animal testing.

The NOTOX partners gathered for their final meeting on the 16th & 17th November, 2015. Hosted at the Eurice office in Berlin, seventeen attendees made preparations for the termination of NOTOX at the end of 2015.

The models and tools developed by NOTOX are expected to support the intensive endeavours of the cosmetics industry to provide safe products without any animal testing. At the closing meeting the latest experimental results were discussed and summaries of the overall output of the project given. Publication plans were mapped out and the exploitable results from NOTOX were clustered.

Achieving maximum impact by translating the new tools generated to application was a key focus. Now that the project has ended, the NOTOX consortium are building on the projects results and continuing the push to eradicate animal testing. Large-scale case studies to validate the predictive models are underway and future collaborations to capitalise on the successes of NOTOX are in the pipeline.