NOTOX @ SEURAT-1 4th Annual Meeting

In order to advance research in the field of alternative testing methods for long-term systemic toxicity, the European Commission and the European trade association Cosmetics Europe have jointly launched in January 2011 the Research Initiative SEURAT-1 (Safety Evaluation Ultimately Replacing Animal Testing). This initiative with six research projects as building blocks pursues the common strategy “towards the replacement of current repeated dose systemic toxicity testing in human safety assessment”. Having successfully passed the first half of its duration, SEURAT-1 cluster projects, including NOTOX, took the chance of the 2014 Annual Meeting to present their major scientific achievements and show progress in cross-cluster interactions.

Delegates of the NOTOX consortium presented and discussed recent advancements within NOTOX and on SEURAT-1 cluster level. They were happy to receive a first feedback from an external review carried out by Prof. Bas Blauuboer providing guidance and advice on the current status of the project’s progress.