NOTOX researchers release Ettention software package for electron tomography

How project specific applications developed for an EU & industry funded research project turn into an open source software package is currently being demonstrated by NOTOX researchers from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. The release of the ETTENTION software package for electron tomography is an outstanding milestone following an intensive cooperation with partners from EYEN SE, Prague, and Maastricht University.

Initially, developed as a research code for the NOTOX project and project specific cryo-electron tomography application, the research code has been further developed and culminated in the release of the Ettention software package on July 1st 2015.

The challenge ‘tomographic reconstruction’, i.e. reconstructing 3-dimensional volume data based on projections, is of enormous practical importance. The best-known application is certainly the computed tomography (CT) used for medical purposes. Nevertheless, tomographic reconstruction is not limited to the healthcare sector and further researchers relying on electron tomography come from the fields of non-destructive testing, material science and structural biology trying to elucidate the structure within human cells or inside materials.  All these applications have in common an underlying tomographic reconstruction algorithm.

Please find further details, first use cases and license information at: www.ettention.org

Contact: Tim Dahmen, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)