NOTOX – how to avoid animal tests in safety assessment of cosmetics’ ingredients?

NOTOX consortium in Stuttgart, Germany

More than four years ago the European Commission along with Cosmetics Europe (industry’s European trade association) started funding the SEURAT-1 initiative consisting of six different research projects aiming to develop alternative research methods avoiding animal tests. Scientists from NOTOX – one of the six SEURAT-1 research projects – met this week in Stuttgart to assess their progress made during the past four years on the way to animal-free toxicity testing. Nine months before the official end of the research initiative NOTOX members evaluated the team’s results and discussed work that is yet to come, paving the way for the last exciting outcomes of the project.

In summary, the Progress Meeting hosted by the SME partner Insilico Biotechnology AG was characterized by very intense and fruitful discussions on the results obtained up to date and the next steps to be taken. A final NOTOX meeting will be held in November 2015 in Berlin.