Achievements of SEURAT-1 showcased at Final Symposium

Painting the future animal-free safety assessment of chemical substances

On 4 December 2015 over 130 participants attended the Final SEURAT-1 Symposium at The Square Conference Centre in Brussels. It was the final event for the 5-year Research Initiative: Safety Evaluation Ultimately Replacing Animal Testing (SEURAT) and highlighted the results and progress from the six SEURAT-1 projects (DETECTIVE, SCR&Tox, NOTOX, HeMiBio, COSMOS and ToxBank).

A major component of the symposium was to continue on the journey and identify the next steps and actions to be taken to replace animal testing.

NOTOX partners actively contributed to the successful implementation of this event by poster presentations as well as during the guided educational tour. The ‘Guided Tour’ acted as a summary of the SEURAT-1 process of assessing whether a new compound is safe for consumers, without the use of animal testing. The guide was produced to be accessible by the broad audience of anyone interested, explaining detailed processes simply using pictograms and case studies. You can download the Guided Tour booklet here.

You will find on the SEURAT-1 public website presentations, videos, photos and other material presented or handed out at the symposium. In addition, several articles have been published about SEURAT-1 and are available in the Press corner. Please download the SEURAT-1 Symposium programme and the Symposium booklet.