Improving toxicity prediction with cutting-edge data modelling – NOTOX in the research*eu results magazine

The research*eu results magazine, which features highlights from the most exciting EU-funded research and development projects, published an interview with NOTOX coordinator Prof. Elmar Heinzle. It is published in the October 2015 Issue which focuses on alternatives to animal testing in science. With just a few months left before the NOTOX project is completed, Prof. Heinzle presents the exciting outcomes of the ambitious project within the interview.

The article provides an introduction to the project’s successful work on developing a computer-based alternative to animal testing. The NOTOX computer model, that is able to predict toxicity, and the importance of mechanistic models in the project’s research activities are described in detail. Furthermore, Elmar Heinzle reports about quite positive response from industry and consumers to the project’s work, whose interest got aroused by important communication campaigns and tools like the NOTOX movie. The NOTOX team pursues already detailed plans for the time after the project will reach its official end in December 2015 – the consortium will continue its work based on the NOTOX results and expects the project to have a sustainable impact on research on alternatives to animal testing in the future.

Read the interview published by the research*eu results magazine here:
http://cordis.europa.eu/research-eu/magazine_en.html (Issue 46 - October 2015)