1st NOTOX Satellite Meeting – reaching out to the scientific community

The ESTIV 2014 conference, held on June 10-13 in Egmond aan Zee, NL, saw members of the NOTOX consortium presenting both the project’s approach and the first scientific outcomes to the interested public. Representatives of academia, industry and regulatory authorities participated in the meeting and were provided with first hand insight not only into the objectives of the project, but also the current status of research being carried out withinthe NOTOX project.

The meeting took place as satellite to the ESTIV 2014 and featured keynote lectures from/by Dr Richard Judson, National Center for Computational Toxicology of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Prof. Mathieu Vinken of Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, as well as project specific sessions. While Prof. Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg (Karolinska Institutet) presented Novel 3D models for predicting drug toxicity, Dr Fozia Noor (Saarland University) provided participants with insight into Systems approach in NOTOX case studies. Spatial temporal modelling of in vitro and in vivo liver tissues was elaborated by Géraldine Cellière (INRIA) and finally, Prof Elmar Heinzle (Coordinator of the project) presented predictive models for compound testing developed in the frame of the NOTOX project. Moreover, the event featured a NOTOX poster session presenting further relevant aspects of the project. Overall, the event was well appreciated by the participants.